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that will be held this year

The biodynamicmodel is based upon nine phases.

Finland SOCK 3

20 September, 2024 ~2:00 pm - 23 September, 2024 ~1:00 pm

Lapland Winter Course 1 – Phase 2

11 January, 2025 ~2:00 pm - 14 January, 2026 ~2:00 pm

Lapland Winter Course 2 – A biodynamic view on pregnancy

16 January, 2025 ~2:00 pm - 19 January, 2025 ~2:00 pm

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Part of the Osteopathic treatment for children program is the Sock clinic. It is a wonderful meeting place where children and their parents are treated by dedicated fully licensed osteopaths who are following the training program. It gives the opportunity to students to treat children under supervision of the teacher and forms an ideal setting to exchange knowledge and expertise in the osteopathic treatment of children.

“Looking for the health…. it gives you the opportunity and a beautiful way to treat almost every patiënt, even those who are dying, babies, people with a severe disease…. see the love in your patiënt.”

Course participant